what causes cancer

What Causes Cancer

(excerpted from BEATING CANCER WITH NUTRITION by Patrick Quillin)

“I have been wrong. The bacteria is nothing. The terrain is everything.” Louis Pasteur 1822-1895

Ignaz Semmelweis (1818-1865) was an Austrian physician who found that washing hands with a dilute chlorine solution before delivering a baby would cut down the incidence of infections (puerperal fever) and mortality in the mother and newborn infant. His successes in his clinic in the 1840s were profoundly better than other physicians, who would go straight from the autopsy room without washing their hands to delivering an infant. Dr. Semmelweis had a logical, non-toxic, inexpensive, clinically-proven solution to a horrible problem of that era. His technique reduced mortality in mothers and newborns to 1.3% which was a 90% reduction from his colleagues’ results of 11% mortality.

Unfortunately, his simple solution was rejected because his critics asked: “So, Dr. Semmelweis, what is causing these women to die?” “I don’t know.” replied Semmelweis. “And are we to suspect that ‘spooks’ are involved?” they laughingly chided. When Louis Pasteur peered into a microscope and cooked (pasteurized) bacteria to death, he presented his data to his colleagues: “I have found Dr. Semmelweis’s spooks.”

Semmelweis died a broken man, yet many hospitals in Europe are named after this brilliant and courageous physician. How many people died because critics of Semmelweis refused to accept his solution? How many cancer patients die because we are stuck in a half-century battle with cancer using outdated methods and theories? Many cancers are probably infections, with the infectious organism (fungi, virus, bacteria) becoming an intracellular pathogen, creating a hybrid DNA from the weaving of the pathogen with host human DNA.


What Causes Cancer

Let’s look at the facts.

  • The most conservative estimates show that 10% of all cancers are caused by infections.
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) is associated with at least 80% of all cervical cancer. Virus is a piece of DNA or RNA that is wrapped in protein and invisible to standard microscopes.
  • The bacteria Helicobacter pylori is a major risk factor for stomach cancer.
  • Infection with the AIDS virus often leads to the cancer lymphoma. Infection with Epstein-Barr virus often leads to Burkitt lymphoma.
  • Chronic infection with hepatitis B virus usually leads to liver cancer.[iv] Any exposure to the fungal poison aflatoxin or extensive exposure to the fungal by-product alcohol will often cause liver cancer.
  • Researchers have long known that C-reactive protein (CRP) is a marker in the blood that detects heart disease and probably diabetes. Now researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have found that CRP is a valuable marker for the progression of cancer.
  • CRP measures inflammation as a by-product of infection. A National Science Foundation grant winner, Professor David Hess, has written a fascinating book linking infections as the underlying cause of many cancers.
  • Ketoconazole is an anti-fungal drug that is commonly used to treat prostate cancer.
  • While researchers speculate that ketoconazole works against prostate cancer through a hormonal pathway, it may work by killing fungal cells disguised as cancer cells.
  • Researchers in Taiwan have found that Griseofulvin, an antifungal drug, killed human colon cancer cells in a culture dish by inducing apoptosis, or programmed cell death.
  • Milton White, MD found evidence that cancer is a blend (hybrid) of human DNA with spores of plant bacterial conidia.

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I have seen many an end-stage cancer patient with an opportunistic yeast infection, like a bully picking on a person who is already down on the pavement. Many patients told me of their thrush (oral candidiasis, coating of white yeast on the tongue) and incredible bloating in the intestinal region, not unlike a brewery where yeast ferments any reasonable carbohydrate into gas and alcohol.

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