Below are factual accounts of patients who have used the material in “Beating Cancer with Nutrition” and included ImmunoPower as a major part of their nutrition therapy in their fight against cancer. Note: This is just a small selection of Patient Profile who saw success in their fight against cancer. The book “Beating Cancer with Nutrition” includes many more such successful Profiles.

Beat Terminal Breast Cancer

Y.K. was diagnosed with inflammatory stage 4 breast cancer and given 6 months to live. Y.K knew that medical therapy probably could not cure her cancer. Y.K. used an aggressive combination of foods and supplements that she learned about in Beating Cancer with Nutrition to help put her terminal breast cancer into remission within a year.

Reversing Prostate Cancer

T.B. is a 69 year old male diagnosed with prostate cancer with metastasis to the bone.  Initially, he employed primarily a vegetarian diet as sole therapy.  His bone scans just one year later showed no malignancy.  “Several years later” he experienced a recurrence of prostate cancer after his dietary relapse.  He began using nutrition therapy 9 years later with PSA levels dropping from 630 to 2.6, then 5.3.  His liver metastasis has been reduced.  He says that he feels good.

Beat Untreatable Lung Cancer

P.S.  is a 50 year old female diagnosed in with adenocarcinoma of the lungs.  Surgery (lobectomy) & radiation eliminated the measurable tumor mass.  Recurrence of the lung cancer 3 years later was considered inoperable, metastatic and untreatable.  The patient was told “there is nothing more that we can do for you”.   She was given the anticipated life expectancy of 2 months.  She began nutrition therapy as sole therapy 4 years later.  After 5 years, she has had no growth of tumors and no progression of disease.  She works 40 hours/week, walks 3 miles per night & feels great.  Remember, if cancer is not growing, then it is most likely being destroyed and calcified by the body.

No Recurrence of Sarcoma

G.B. is a  48 year old male with multiple recurrent sarcoma in his abdomen.  Each year for 5 years in a row, he was forced to have a surgical excision of a  “football size” tumor from his abdominal region.  He began nutrition therapy as sole therapy following surgery.  He has had no recurrence of a tumor one year later.

Beat Refractory Colon Cancer

D.S. is a 45 year old male diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer with 3 of 5 lymph nodes positive.  He was administered the chemo drug 5FU for 6 months but developed severe toxic reactions.  2 new nodes appeared on his CAT scan 9 months later, thus he had failed chemotherapy.  He began nutrition therapy as sole therapy exactly one year after initial diagnosis, 4 months after failing chemotherapy.  His CAT scans showed no malignancy 4 months after beginning nutrition therapy and 7 months later.  Feels great and praises nutrition.